Why Send Visual Elastic Content?

From the perspective of recipients, ‘more visual’ is better, ‘personalized’ is better, ‘more timely, more relevant’ are better.

Email marketers have been conditioned to think of campaigns, copy and text as “the way email works.” It’s not. That’s just one way it’s been used in the past, and how email & marketing toolsets have been built.

Times change. People change. Attention spans have definitely changed.

Every other online channel is more visual, more personalized, and more dynamic day by day. Why not email?

People Save Email

The chart at the left is from the U.K. Direct Marketing association. As you’ll see, only 1 of the top 5 actions people take with an interesting email is a traditional “email marketing success” — ‘click the link.’

  • What’s the #1 result? ‘Save for later.’

  • What’s #3? ‘Bear in mind for later use.’

Visuals are processed faster and remembered longer, increasing the odds that your email will be re-read.

And if you were wondering whether dynamic, updatable content would extend campaign lifespans - there’s your answer.