Elastic Content™ for Salesforce CRM

Salesforce delivers a universe of solutions for businesses of nearly any size - all of which do one thing at the end of the day: communicate!

All of Salesforce’ solutions do that job even better with personalized, visual Elastic Content.

We started with the foundation of Salesforce - the CRM system. With the Salesforce edition of Campaign-Genius, administrators and users can:

  • Create re-usable email templates for 1/1 CRM emails

  • Extend the lifespan of email campaigns with scheduled content updates

  • A/Z test on the fly with dynamic visuals

Additional connectors for Salesforce marketing systems are in the work - get in touch, we’d love to see what you need!

Meanwhile, if you use Salesforce CRM, check out the Campaign-Genius Edition for Salesforce here: