A Revolution in Cross-Channel Messaging

MessageGears’ Hybrid solution integrates with your existing customer and content data sources, allowing you to build and orchestrate sophisticated email and mobile marketing campaigns using your live customer data, eliminating the need for data syncing.

Cross-Channel Orchestration for Super Senders

Our Hybrid solution overcomes the inherent limitations of marketing clouds systems for enterprise marketers. If your organization meets some of the criteria listed below, we should talk.

  • PRIMARILY B2C - You’re with a consumer-facing brand that needs to send highly personalized marketing messages at scale.

  • CRM/DATA IS LOCAL - Your company’s primary marketing database or CRM lives on site (behind a firewall) or in a modern data warehouse.

  • HIGH-VOLUME NEEDS - Your organization sends at least ten million marketing and transactional messages per month.

Campaign-Genius is an official MessageGears partner.

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