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Ryan Phelan • Origin

Ryan Phelan • Origin

Martech Today - Ryan Phelan says:

“Discover which companies are pushing the virtual envelope in the email marketing space.”

Here’s my short list of companies that are stretching email in new directions that we couldn’t have anticipated 10 years ago:…

• Interactive messaging: Movable Ink, Liveclicker,


“Every brand and technology provider wants email at the center of its martech and ad tech strategies. Email itself has grown far beyond its original construct – to send a message from Point A to Point B. If that’s how you still see your email program, you need to rethink your concept of email because it doesn’t have a place on the innovation arc anymore.”

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Research Takeaways from The Relevancy Group

  • Marketers who do invest in Advanced Personalization Efforts can realize upward of $20 in return for every dollar invested.

  • Retailers who use Advanced Personalization Tactics drive upwards of 17% more revenue than marketers that rely on more basic methods.

  • Most retailers surveyed view Amazon as a competitor, and attempt to deliver more relevance and enrich customer experiences as their primary tactic to compete with Amazon.

    quoted from
    The Value of Personalization Optimization for Retailers (link)


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