Multichannel Messaging Hub: Email. SMS. Web.

Email: ExpertSender has 6 different message types. From bulk newsletters, autoresponders, triggers and recurring messages, to confirmation and transactional emails.

SMS: Give your audience what it wants with a personalized experience based on their behavior. Not all customers behave the same, they have different needs and preferences. Send time-sensitive SMS alerts & communications to customers that are more receptive to SMS or when other channels aren’t converting.

Web: Deepen engagement with compelling product recommendations. Let ExpertSender find the most effective strategy to maximize cross-sell and upsell opportunities

ExpertSender capabilities include:

  • Recommendations: Increase AOV and sales with product recommendations*

  • Campaigns: Widen your reach and connect with your customer*

  • Personalization: Deliver relevant messages that resonate with customers*

  • Marketing Automation: Automate all the phases of the purchasing lifecycle*

  • Segmentation: Leverage data to ensure customer receive highly relevant offers*

  • Behavioral Messaging: Stay relevant with behavioral based segmentation*

  • Reporting: Let the numbers help you understand customer preferences*

  • Split Testing: Increase your open rates and CTR with A/B testing*

With a global presence and a team of the best .NET brains on the market, ExpertSender is responsible for sending +15 billion marketing messages each year for +1000 brands worldwide.

* Even better w/Campaign Genius & Elastic Content


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