Elastic Content™ for BombBomb

BombBomb is an email marketing system with a distinct twist; it’s easy to record and send video in BombBomb emails, from the desktop or from their mobile app. Shooting a video for recipients is about as personalized as you can get, but you may not always have the time. Elastic Content complements BombBomb’s approach perfectly - use it to personalize video thumbnails (or GIF thumbnails) for a general-use video, or for personalized static-image content — dynamically updatable after send.

BombBomb’s platform provides:

  • Web and mobile interface, both with instant video recording

  • Automatic GIF video thumbnails

  • Web forms and campaign automation

  • Rich, extensive merge field options - perfect for Elastic Content

Once you’ve set up a BombBomb template with Elastic Content, personalized images can be sent right from their mobile app. If you’re looking to scale up what you do, try Campaign-Genius for BombBomb free: