Orchestrate Intelligent
Customer Experiences

Activate your Customer Data with AI,
and Orchestrate Personalized Campaigns

Blueshift offers the complete toolkit to transform your data
into meaningful engagement that drives ROI:

  • Single Customer View

  • Cross-Channel Journeys

  • AI Powered Recommendations

  • Predictive Segmentation

  • Trigger Based Automation

  • Behavioral Messaging: Stay relevant with behavioral based segmentation*

  • Reporting: Let the numbers help you understand customer preferences*

  • Split Testing: Increase your open rates and CTR with A/B testing*

Blueshift is a modern AI-First platform for Cross-Channel Marketing. AI is the key to unlocking the power of this fast-changing data, and delivering 1:1 personalization.


Forrester Study Shows 781% ROI from Blueshift

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