Leading With Images Is 4x Better

Researching Squarespace (we use it) lead to an A/B test validating the impact of visual content in email marketing.  "...the user was 388% more likely to scroll to 75% of the page depth when we led with an image instead of the text." (It's Case Study #2 in this article.) 

Hero image / headline + lede order was reversed in A vs B.    Darn near a 4x advantage.  (Anyone want to help us test the impact of completely personalized images?   PM me.  We'll do the work, you reap the benefit.)  #emailmarketing #personalization

OK, 388% isn’t quite 4x. Marketing hyperbole, rounding error.

Honestly, what grabbed me about this was the fact that it wasn’t just a little X% impact. Dramatically bigger numbers!

Full article here:

Matthew Dunn