20 Sports Video Templates You Can Customize in Minutes

Do you need an engaging way to promote sign-ups for your rec league?

Looking for a unique method to sell tickets to an upcoming golf tournament?

Wish you had a fun strategy to increase attendance at your yoga classes?   

Ready to promote your local group runs to a broader audience?

Want to build awareness about new water sports programs in your area?

Video is the perfect way to bring the energy of sports - whether soccer, football, swimming, or running - to life.

Vid.One has thousands of fully-customizable video templates, including hundreds of sports-related themes. We gathered 20 of our favorite sports templates that you can start using today.

1.) Football: This template is perfect for promoting football team sign-ups or ticket sales for your upcoming season. Use this template

2.) Soccer: This video template is a fun and energetic way to showcase your youth soccer league or promote upcoming soccer camps. Use this template

3.) Yoga: We have several yoga-related video templates available. This one, in particular, is a great way to market indoor classes at your rec center or yoga studio. Use this template


4.) Yoga: This perfectly zen video template is an excellent way to share announcements about upcoming outdoor yoga classes. Use this template


5.) Baseball: This video template is a fun way to let the community know you’re getting the field ready for your upcoming season or your next home game. Use this template


6.) Baseball: This is a simple but high-energy video template that you can tailor for almost anything baseball-related, whether it’s a game, league sign-up, or fun announcement about a new player or contest. Use this template


7.) Basketball: Similarly, this is a fun and engaging template for anything basketball-related. Use this template

8.) Basketball: This close-up of a basketball court can be used to share league registration or sell tickets to your team’s home games. Use this template


9.) Golf: We have several golf-related templates available. This one is a fun way to share updates about your golf course or promote registration for an upcoming golf tournament. Use this template


10.) Golf: This close-up shot of a driver is a fun template to promote golf lessons, passes to a driving range, or exciting tee-off contests. Use this template

11.) Tennis: There are plenty of tennis-related templates on Vid.One. This template is the perfect background to market a tennis league or promote upcoming matches! Use this template

12.) Tennis: Here’s another fun tennis template that showcases the intensity and competitive spirit of the game. Use this template

13.) Kayaking: We can’t forget about water sports! This template is a great way to showcase kayaking tours, rentals, or classes. Use this template

14.) Sailing: On a related note, this video is the perfect backdrop for sailing lessons, camps, or regattas. Use this template

15.) Running: Lace up your running shoes! This 16-second template is a light-hearted way to promote local run clubs, personal training sessions, or even general wellness initiatives. Use this template

 16.) Running: We love this template to showcase greenways, running trails, and outdoor fitness. Use this template

17.) Cycling: We have quite a few cycling templates on Vid.One. This video is a fun way to share information about group rides or local cycling races or triathalons. Use this template

18.) Cycling: Here’s another fun video template to bring attention to local biking initiatives or outdoor cycling events! Use this template

19.) Swimming: This 16-second video is the perfect backdrop to promote pool hours, swim lessons, swim team registration, or upcoming camps and clinics. Use this template

20.) Hiking: Encourage your community to get outside with this hiking video! It’s a fun way to highlight local trails and outdoor workouts or fitness programs. Use this template

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Jake Hare