Benchmark Email

Smart Made Simple

Benchmark is beautiful. It’s a platform for marketers with pixel-level attention to polish on every screen. Benchmark is a complete marketing solution, including a responsive email designer, automation and scheduling, social media functions and detailed, real-time metrics. With over 300 integrations, including a ton of e-commerce platforms, Benchmark is an ideal platform for growing business.

Smart Content builds on Benchmark’s elegant Email Designer. With Benchmark fields and tags built right in, Campaign-Genius delivers dynamic content in any Benchmark campaign with a simple copy-and-paste. Benchmark’s image blocks are “smart-content-ready”, with a field for image URLs already in place.

Benchmark’s gorgeous toolset includes:

  • Responsive Email Designer, with tons of free templates

  • Visual Automation - right message, right person, right time.

  • Signup Forms - no coding!

  • Real-time Campaign Metrics

Smart Content is ‘set and forget’ in Benchmark. Personalization is driven by Benchmark merge fields, updated for each client on-open.


Looking for a terrific online marketing platform? Give Benchmark a look:

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