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Say It Visually

Campaign-Genius is owned and operated by Say It Visually, Inc. Say It Visually® was founded on the idea that in the Information Economy, attention and memory are the most scant resources.

In business since 2008, Say It Visually has helped numerous clients and partners with tough content challenges. Over 250 ‘explainer’ videos; multiple content services; custom “impossible” platform developments for partners; millions of views.

We believe that media content - video, visuals and words together - is the best way to engage and inform people. We've created a range of services to help businesses create & use media for their online communications.

Say It Visually is a small company, based in a small town, run by a handful of highly experienced people.  None of us feel the need to shoot selfies, write fluffy bios and humblebrag.  Maybe 'let the work speak for itself' is an old-fashioned notion, but we prefer helping customers over talking about ourselves. (There's quite enough of the latter in the world.)

If you want an actual personal connection, give us a call! We answer the phones ourselves, and are delighted to speak with customers and partners.

(888) 618-9088 - Pacific business hours.