Dynamic, Personalized Visual Content
From Any Email Source, Instantly At Scale.

Email marketers can now send personalized, updatable visual content from any email, CRM or marketing system.

Our cloud-based platform uses your email and data to generate custom Elastic Content™ for each viewer, on each open, instantly. It’s fast, simple, incredibly inexpensive and requires NO integration. If you can make a Powerpoint slide, you can use Elastic Content. (Need countdown timers? Built right in!)

2x-10x improvements in email ROI with personalized, dynamic content, with the email & CRM systems you use today.

Use it free. See for yourself.


(Over 150 instant templates included in all plans -
Thank-You, Birthday, and more. Or create your own.)

Why Dynamic Content?

Email click-through is dropping every year - from 6% to 3.2% in 7 years (Epsilon).
Not surprising; people only read about 33 words of the average email message!

Visual content improves engagement, recall and sharing. 65% of people in your market are visual-first learners.

Personalizing content also makes things better, instantly; 100% of marketers who tested email personalization saw improved results.*

Elastic Content™ combines these two powerful communication techniques to help email marketers deliver personalized visual content from their current platform, squeezing new value out of existing systems and data.


What They’re Saying…

Martech Today - Ryan Phelan says:

“Discover which companies are pushing the virtual envelope in the email marketing space.”

Here’s my short list of companies that are stretching email in new directions that we couldn’t have anticipated 10 years ago:

Interactive messaging: Movable Ink, Liveclicker, Campaign-Genius.com

Favorite quote:

“Every brand and technology provider wants email at the center of its martech and ad tech strategies. Email itself has grown far beyond its original construct – to send a message from Point A to Point B. If that’s how you still see your email program, you need to rethink your concept of email because it doesn’t have a place on the innovation arc anymore.”

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Easy As A Slide…

Deliver dynamic content from Marketer-designed templates from any email, CRM or marketing system.

See For Yourself


Create and use unlimited Elastic Content™ templates, free. No ‘trial period’ - plan does not expire. Go ahead, use it!

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